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Calstar II

Date & Time:  1/15/01 @ 2330

Program:  CALSTAR II
            590 Cohansey Lane
            Gilroy, CA

Operator:  Self Owned, Own part 135

Aircraft:  105 CBS-5 #N105

Weather:  Not a factor

Team:  2 nurses, pilot

Patient on board:  NO

Incident Description:  Aircraft was on short final approach approximately 75 
feet from pad when #1 engine failed.  Pilot made a single engine emergency 
landing.  There was no damage to the aircraft and no injuries.

Information distributed by:  Marc Cowlyer, chief safety officer for Calstar 
via Roseann Krantz, CONCERN.


The CONCERN network shares verified information to alert medical 
transport programs when an accident / incident has occurred.  
Please share the above information with your program staff. If 
you have further questions, please contact the CONCERN Coordinator, 
Roseann Krantz @ 1-800-75-SHOCK or rjkrantz@aol.com.

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